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Far Infrared Thermal Pad

Far Infrared Thermal Pad

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A new generation of WELLING Pad.

Use during menstruation and for everyday muscle aches and pains.

Our exclusive built-in temperature sensor is to prevent low heat burn, along with rapid heating through specially-made metal wires, and uniform thermal conductivity of graphene, creating far-infrared rays with the highest emissivity, which can boost blood circ calculation and help feel better from working all day.

Five-stage precise and smart temperature control with rapid heating, you can choose the temperature according to your needs;
apply the pad anywhere in your body to relieve pain.

Product Features

  • No Electromagnetic Waves
  • Built-in Temperature Sensor (Monitor Temperature at all times)
  • Machine Washable
  • Constant-Temperature Control (Heat Accumulation Prevention)
  • Automatic Lower Temperature after 45 mins (Low Heat burn prevention)
  • 91% Far Infrared Emissivity

    Product Description

    Made in Taiwan
    Size: 30*12cm
    Material: 100% Far Infrared Polyester
    Temp: 5-Level Constant-Temperature Control
    Time Usage: 5hr(10000mAh Power Bank)
    Rated Power: 10W
    Rated Voltage: 5V
    Recommended Power Output: 5V/2A (or above 2A)


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    Under normal usage conditions, the product comes with a one-year warranty for factory maintenance or replacement.

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